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River Basin Management

PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Hagen Koch
Summer term
Winter term
Civil Engineering MSc (3rd, 4th semester)

IL: Integrated Lecture; L: Lecture; AL: Applied Lecture


The short course River Basin Management can be chosen as part of the module Specific Topics of Hydro- and Environmental Engineering in the competence field Hydrosciences in the master programme Civil Engineering.  The course takes place in cooperation with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

Objectives and content


The availability of water resources is an important determinant for the development, planning and operation of many sectors, e.g. domestic water supply, electricity generation (hydropower, thermal power plants) or other industrial businesses, agriculture, tourism. The main task of water resources management is to reconcile the location, quantity, quality, date, and probability of available water and the location, quantity, quality, date, and probability of water demand. Economic, political and social forces as well as hydrological, ecological and climatological conditions have to be accounted for in this context. Water management infrastructure, e.g. reservoirs and water transfer schemes, require high financial resources for planning, building, operation and maintenance, and needs to be seen as long-term investment. Therefore, changes in water availability and demand during the operational period have to be considered in the planning process already.

Following contents will be covered:

  • Integrated Water Resources Management - Introduction
  • Water Availability - Water Use - Water Footprint
  • Water Resources Management - Modelling Approaches; Optimization and Simulation Models
  • Reservoir Operation
  • Ecological Flow Requirements
  • Water Temperature Modelling
  • Indicators & Evaluation Criteria

Further information

Updated information about this module can be found in the online course catalog.

Zusatzinformationen / Extras


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