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Courses 2002

Course: Modeling Flow And Contaminant Transport in the Subsurface
Instructors: Prof. J. Bear
Webpage: http://cecwi.fsv.cvut.cz/kurzy/flotra2001

Course: Multiphase Flow, Transport and Bioremediation in the Subsurface
Date: March 11-15, 2002
Uni: University of Stuttgart, Germany
Directors: Prof. A.Cunningham and Prof. R. Helmig
Organisators: M. Süß
Webpage: http://www.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/Weiterbildung

Course: Collaborative Engineering in Hydroscience
Date: June 3-14, 2002
Uni: TU Budapest, Hungary
Webpage: http://www.hydro-web.org

Course: Hydroinformatics Systems
Date: June 21-25, 2002
Uni: Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, Russia
Coordinators: Dr. F. Molkenthin, Prof. A. Zeiliguer

Course: Machine learning and data-driven modelling
Date: July 5, 2002 during the Hydroinformatics 2002 Conference
Uni: Cardiff School of Engineering, United Kingdom
Coordinators: Dr. D.P. Solomantine, Dr. S. Velickov
Webpage: http://www.cf.ac.uk/engin/news/confs/hydro

Course: Fluvial Hydraulics - Environmental Aspects
Date: July 8-13, 2002
Uni: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Organisators: Prof. W.H. Graf, Dr. M.S. Altinakar
Webpage: http://lrhwww.epfl.ch

Course: River Flood Modelling and Analysis
Date: August 19-30, 2002
Uni: University of Glasgow
Coordinators: Professor A. Ervine
Organisators: E. Davies
Webpage: http://www.civil.gla.ac.uk

Course: Mountain Meteorology
Date: August 26-30, 2002
Uni: University of Trento
Coordinators: Professor A. Armanini
Organisators: D. Zardi
Webpage: http://www.unitn.it/ricerca/dottorati_form_av/estiva/index.htm

Course: Multiphase Flow and Transport in Porous Media
Date: September 23-27, 2002
Uni: University of Stuttgart, Germany
Coordinators: Prof. R. Helmig, Dr. S. Finsterle
Organisators: M. Süß
Webpage: http://www.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/Weiterbildung

Course: Innovative Asset Management Planning
Date: November 18-22, 2002
Uni: Newcastle University, UK
Organisators: alan.lowdon@nuh20.com)
Contact: Mrs. Lisa Allsopp
Email: lisa.allsopp@ncl.ac.uk
Webpage: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/hydroinformatics

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