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Chair of Water Resources Management and Modeling of HydrosystemsWater Resources Management of the Egyptian Coastal Zones in the Context of Climate Change

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Water Resources Management of the Egyptian Coastal Zones in the Context of Climate Change

Project Head
Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Hinkelmann

Scientific assistant
Mohamed Mahgoub, M.Sc.

Project period
01.04.11 - 01.04.14

Scholarship from the German Egyptian Research Long-term Scholarship (GERLS)


Water resources management in the northern coastal zone around the Nile delta is a big challenge because complex interactions of river, sea and groundwater as well as saltwater intrusion must be considered. Effect of climate change such as sea level rise will influence the aforementioned situation. In this research modeling of flow and salinity transport using TELEMAC modeling system will be carried out to improve the process understanding and to develop suitable water management options.

Figure 1: Problem statement

Study Area

Figure 2: Study area

Research Approach

Phase I: Data acquisition and preprocessing

  • hydrological and hydraulic data for surface water, sea water and groundwater
  • hydrogeological data
  • water quality data, especially salinity

Phase II: Modeling

  1. 2D and 3D flow and salinity transport for surface water
  2. Groundwater
  3. Coupling surface water and groundwater

Phase III: Recommending management options

2D Surface Water Model

Figure 3: Grid at different positions of the domain
Figure 4: Velocity vector showing eddies at two positions in the domain
Figure 5: Change of saltwater intrusion into the Nile River at a) current status, b) Sea level rise (SLR) 0.25 m, c) SLR 0.5m and d) SLR 1.0 m


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