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DFG Research Unit FG 581: Sub-Project TP2 Numerical Simulation of Two-phase Flow Processes in the Subsurface during the Movement of Natural Slopes

Project head
Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Hinkelmann Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Helmig (Institut für Wasserbau, Universität Stuttgart)
Scientific assistant
Dipl.-Ing. L. Stadler
Project period
01.01.09 - 31.12.13
DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Project partner
Institut für Wasserbau, Universität Stuttgart


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The aim of this sub-project is to further develop model concepts for the simulation of flow and transport processes in macro-porous soils on different scales. The concepts will be validated with experiments from the laboratory and field (Heumoes slope). The transfer to larger scales is first planned bottom-up increasing the complexity of the geometry and the parameter fields. A special emphasis will be put on the transferability of the exchange parameters from SP 4 (laboratory) to larger scales in combination with the methods from SP 1 (geostatistical macropore generation) and SP 5 (geophysical estimation of parameter fields). Furthermore, the enhancement of the surface run-off model and the coupling between the surface run-off, infiltration, subsurface flow and deformation models is planed in a close cooperation with the central sub-project and SP3 to simulate the whole process chain. Finally, bottom-up and top-down approaches will be combined to an optimal model complexity with its necessary data requirement to apply a model of optimal complexity for practical engineering purposes.

Further information are found at: http://www.grosshang.de/

Vergleich der Infiltrationsfront Experiment (links) und Modell (rechts) nach 10 Minuten (Halbtonnenexperiment Q375 TP 4)
Lösung der Flachwassergleichung für trocken fallende und wieder benetzte Gebiete
study of infiltration at a section of a slope

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