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Modeling the interaction of multiple uses, climate and land-use changes in a bay of Itaparica reservoir, São Francisco river
Zitatschlüssel mesbrh15
Autor Matta, E., Simshäuser, M., N., Koch, H., Selge, F., Gunkel, G., Rossiter, K. & Hinkelmann, R.
Jahr 2015
Notiz Proceedings XXI SBRH Conference, Brasilia, Brazil
Zusammenfassung Nowadays water quantity and quality are of high importance in north-eastern Brazil. Itaparica reservoir in Pernambuco is currently facing serious ecological problems, due to multiple uses of water, combined with climate and land use change. In this work the impacts of the eastern channel of the Transposition Project on the flow field, as well as the effects of an intense rain event from an intermittent tributary, combined with the transport of substances, were investigated in Icò-Mandantes bay, part of Itaparica reservoir. In this regard, high resolution two-dimensional shallow water models of Icò-Mandantes bay were set up and applied, considering different discharges and water levels. The results showed an increase of the velocities in the near field of the eastern channel, but no significant variations in the water volume of the whole domain. When a tracer entered the bay through an intermittent tributary, the exchange processes observed were slower for a wet scenario, compared to a drought case.
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