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Tügel, F., Hassan, A., Özgen-Xian, I., Hinkelmann, R. (2020). Is the Green-Ampt model suitable for hydrodynamic rainfall-runoff simulations in ungauged catchments? [40].

Link zur Originalpublikation [41]

Mahgoub,M. & Hinkelmann,R. (2012). Simulation of Density-Driven Flow Using a Two-Dimensional Surface Water Model [42].

Mahgoub,M. & Hinkelmann,R. (2012). Water Resources Management of the Egyptian Coastal Zones in the Context of Climate Change [43].

Jourieh,A. & Hinkelmann,R. (2012). Exercises in Hydrological Modeling Techniques [44].

Hinkelmann,R. (2012). Coupling of Flow and Deformation Processes for Modelling the Movement of Natural Slopes. [45].

Pacheco Fernández, Micaela and Stephan, Dietmar and Dixit, Abhinav and Hinkelmann, Reinhard and Despot, Daneish and Barjenbruch, Matthias (2020). Determining the turbulent H2S mass transfer coefficient across the liquid-gas interface in sewer systems [46]. First International Conference on Urban Water Interfaces (UWI). [Technische Universität Berlin, Urban Water Interfaces];, 66.

Link zur Publikation [47]

Martinez,I., Hinkelmann,R. & Savidis,S. (2012). Numerical Simulation of Infiltration and Land Subsidence in a Two-Layered System with a Fault Zone [48].

Steffen, L., Amann, F., & Hinkelmann, R. (2020). Concepts for performance improvements of shallow water flow simulations [49]. Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Young Professionals Congress, 220-221.

Link zur Originalpublikation [50]

Hinkelmann,R. (2012). Kopplung von Strömungs- und Deformationsprozessen zur Modellierung von Großhangbewegungen, Vortragsreihe der Fakultät für Bauingenieurwissenschaften [51].

Broecker,T., Teuber,K., Ladwig,R., Nützmann,G. & Hinkelmann,R. (2018). Impact of small-scale riverbed topography on stream flow and surface detention of a tracer [52].

Hinkelmann,R. (2012). Understanding changing climate and environment and finding solutions [53].

Ladwig,R., Matta,E., Hinkelmann,R. & M. Hupfer (2018). From 1D to 2D: Impact of extreme weather events and climate change on the heavily stressed urban Lake Tegel in Berlin, Germany [54].

Hou,J., Simons,F., Mahgoub,M. & Hinkelmann,R. (2013). A robust well-balanced model on unstructured grids for shallow water flows with wetting and drying over complex topography [55].

Martinez,I., Hinkelmann,R. & Savidis,S. (2013). Fast water infiltration: a mechanism for fracture formation during land subsidence [56].

Hou,J., Liang,Q., Simons,F. & Hinkelmann,R. (2013). A 2D well-balanced shallow flow model for unstructured grids with novel slope source term treatment [57].

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