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Gunkel, G., Matta, E., Selge, F., Nogueira da Silva, G. M. & Sobral, M. (2015). Carrying capacity limits of net cage aquaculture for Brazilian reservoirs. Revista Brasileira Ciencias Ambientais (RBCIAMB)

Gunkel, Günter and Selge, Florian and Keitel, Jonas and Lima, Debora and Calado, Silvana and Sobral, Maria and Rodriguez, Maricela and Matta, Elena and Hinkelmann, Reinhard and Casper, Peter and Hupfer, Michael (2018). Water management and aquatic ecosystem services of a tropical reservoir (Itaparica, São Francisco, Brazil). Regional Environmental Change, 1–13.

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Gunkel, G., Selge, F., Keitel, J., Lima, D., Calado, S., Sobral, M., Rodriguez, M., Matta, E., Hinkelmann, R., Casper, P., Hupfer, M. (2016). The Itaparica reservoir – Aquatic ecosystem functions: Impact, vulnerability and development of an adapted management..


Hattermann, F., Koch, H., Liersch, S., Silva, A.L., Azevedo, J.R., Selge, F., Silva, G.N.S., Matta, E., Hinkelmann, R., Fischer, P., Venohr, M. (2016). Climate and land use change impacts on the water-energy-food nexus in the arid northeast of Brazil – scenario analysis and adaptation options..

Heinl,M. & Thorweihe,U. (1993). Groundwater Resources an Management in SW Egypt..

Helmig,R. & Hinkelmann,R. (2003). Plausibilitätsprüfung zur Modellstudie Elbe..

Helmig,R., Class,H., Huber,R., Sheta,H., Ewing,J., Hinkelmann,R., Jakobs,H. & Bastian,P. (1998). Architecture of the Modular Program System MUFTE-UG for Simulating Multiphase Flow and Transport Processes in Heterogeneous Porous Media..

Helmig,R., Hinkelmann,R., Class,H., Breiting,T., Kobayashi,K., Bielinski,A. & Sheta,H. (2003). Modellierung des Ausbreitungsverhalten umwelt- und klimagefährdender Gase im Untergrund..


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