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Quantification of exchange processes between a bay and a river using a two-dimensional high-resolution flow and transport model
Citation key meiwdpcn15
Author Matta,E., Selge,F., Gunkel,G., Rossiter,K., Jourieh,A. & Hinkelmann,R.
Year 2015
Note Proceedings 17th IWA-DIPCON Conference, Berlin, Germany.
Abstract Hydrodynamics and transport simulations were conducted with the modeling software TELEMAC-2D on Icó-Mandantes bay, a branch of the Itaparica reservoir. The bay has a maximal operational water level amplitude of 5 m and is suffering for eutrophication and algae bloom. Therefore, we investigated low and high water level scenarios with two different high resolution meshes, with the purpose to deeper understand their impact on transport of substances and to improve the watershed management. In particular, nutrient emissions from a hypothetical net cage aquaculture system located in the bay were investigated on half-year cycles. We observed a relevant impact on water quality for a tilapia production of 130 t y-1, i.e. after 6 months simulation we obtained around 8 µg P L-1 and 6 µg P L-1 at the source of emissions, for low and high water scenario, respectively. Additionally, uniform distribution of a mass-conservative passive tracer in the whole bay was imposed as initial condition to quantify water retention times of the bay, which resulted higher for the high water level scenario compared to the low, and even higher when we took evaporation into account (about 725 days).
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