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Statistical Analysis of Precipitation Data for Hydrological and Hydraulic Modeling of Flash Floods
Citation key uqubai.gessessew_iahrypncongress2020
Author Gessessew, U., Tügel, F., Measho, Z., Weldearegay, K. & Hinkelmann, R.
Title of Book Proceedings of the 1st IAHRYoung Professionals Congress, 17-18November 2020
Pages 165-166
Year 2020
ISBN 978-90-82484-6-63
Location Madrid, SPAIN
Month 11
Note 1st IAHR Young Professionals Congress, 17-18 November 2020, online conference, reviewed extended abstract and oral presentation
Editor International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research -IAHR-
Organization IAHR YPN
Abstract In hydrological and hydraulic modeling, identification and evaluation of the rainfall pattern and extreme events for a specific probability of occurrence is considerablyimportant. The purposeof thisresearchwasto identify patternsof precipitationdata andanalyseextreme events for atimeseries of 6939-pointdatafrom 2001-2019. The Mann-Kendall trend test isused to detectthe trend in the data at 5% level of significance. Log Pearson Type IIIand Gumbel areapplied for the analysis of the extreme rainfall events.Outlier testing was carried out and high andlow outliers were observed inthe datawith values 68.24 mm and 20.74 mm, respectivelyand were removed.As the computed p-value<0.0001is lower than the significance level alpha=0.05, the null hypothesis Ho should be rejected, and the alternative hypothesis Ha should be accepted. As the alternativehypothesisHais accepted, it is concluded that there is a significant trend component in the time series data.
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