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StÜCkrad,H., Hinkelmann,R. & Zielke,W. (1995). Numerische Modellrechnungen zur Darß-Zingster Boddenkette..

Witte,B., Hinkelmann,R. & Helmig,R. (2002). Developmentof a Parallel FVM Based Groundwater Flow Model..

Hinkelmann,R., Sheta,H., Class,H., Sauter,E.J., Helmig,R.& SchlÜTer,M. (2002). Numerical Simulation of Freshwater, Salt Water and Methane Interaction Processes in a Coastal Aquifer..

Hinkelmann,R., Paul,M., Helmig,R. & Breiting,T. (2004). New Media in Environmental and Water-Related Engineering Education..

Matta, E and Duda, R and Scheer, C and Ma, Y and Zhang, Q and Hassan, A and Hinkelmann, R and Schellenberg, H and Schmid, A (2018). Water level predictions using neural networks in critical gauges of the Rhine River, Germany. Proceedings of the 5th IAHR (International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research) Europe Congress - New Challenges in Hydraulic Research and Engineering, 12 – 14 June, 2018. ISBN: 978-981-11-2731-1, 1–2.

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Hinkelmann,R. & StÜCkrad,H. (1995). Modeling of a Very Shallow Water Body..


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