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Gillefalk, M., Tetzlaff, D., Hinkelmann, R., Kuhlemann, L-M., Smith, A., Meier, F., Soulsby, C. (2020). Quantifying the effects of urban vegetation on water partitioning in complex cityscapes: the potential of isotope-based ecohydrological models.

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Jourieh,A., Heinl,M., Hinkelmann,R., Barjenbruch,M. & Steeg,R. (2007). Hydrodynamic-Numerical Simulation of the Flow around a Waste Water Tank in the River Spree.

Stadler,L., Helmig,R., Hinkelmann,R. & Pham Van,S. (2006). A Comparison of Model Concepts for Macropore Infiltration..

Hinkelmann,R., Molkenthin,F., Mewis, P., Sieker,H., Holz,K.-P. & Barjenbruch,M. (2007). Modeling of Hydrosystems..

Busse,T. & Hinkelmann,R. (2007). Strömungsmechanik für Bauingenieure..

Ma, Y., Matta, E., Meißner, D., Richter, J., Schellenberg, H (2018). Forecasting water levels for the German waterways of the Rhine River using artificial neural networks and physically based models.. Tereno International Conference Berlin

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Hinkelmann,R. (2007). Hydrologie..


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