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Gessner,M.O., Hinkelmann,R., Nützmann,G., Jekel,M. Singer,G., Lewandowski,J., Nehls,T. & Barjenbruch,M. (2014). Urban Water Interfaces..

Mitra Jahanbazi and Ulrich Egger (2014). Application and comparison of two different dual drainage models to assess urban flooding. Urban Water Journal, 584-595.

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Simons, Franz and Busse, Tobias and Hou, Jingming and Özgen, Ilhan and Hinkelmann, Reinhard (2013). A model for overland flow and associated processes within the Hydroinformatics Modelling System. Journal of Hydroinformatics, 375-391.

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Miler,O., Porst, G., McGoff,E., Pilotto,F., Donohue,L., Jurca,T., Solimini,A., Sandin,L., Irvine,K., Aroviita,J., Clarke,R. & Pusch,M.T. (2013). Morphological alterations of lake shores in Europe: A multimetric ecological assessment approach using benthic macroinvertebrates. Ecological Indicators, 398 - 410.

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McGoff,E., Aroviita,J., Pilotto,F., Miler,O., Solimini,A., Porst,G., Jurca,T., Donohue,L. & Sandin,L. (2013). Assessing the relationship between the Lake Habitat Survey and littoral macroinvertebrate communities in European lakes. Ecological Indicators, 205 - 214.

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Hinkelmann,R. (2013). Hydraulic Engineering.

Hinkelmann,R. (2013). Environmental Hydraulics.

Hinkelmann,R., Barjenbruch,M., Moser,H. & Sieker,H. (2013). Wasser-Team am Institut für Bauingenieurwesen der TU Berlin.


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