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Hinkelmann,R. (2007). Hydrologie..

Hinkelmann,R. (2007). Wasserwirtschaft..


Hinkelmann,R., Zehe,E., Lindenmaier,F., Stadler,L., Ehlers,W., Braun,J. Joswig,M., Molkenthin,F., Ihringer,J., Helmig,R. & FÄRber,A. (2008). DFG Research Unit: Coupling of Flow and Deformation Processes for Modeling the Movement of Natural Slopes..

Germer, K., Stadler, L., Hinkelmann, R., FÄRber, A. & Braun, J. (2008). Studies on Infiltration Processes in a Soil Column with a Single Macropore..

Molkenthin,F., Zehe,E. & Hinkelmann,R. (2008). Web-based information system for multi-scale physical state variables..

Barjenbruch,M., Hinkelmann,R., HÜTtl,R., Huhnt,W., KrÄMer,T., Nehrig,M., RÜHmland,S. & RÖben,R. (2008). An Online-Monitoring and Operation System to Prevent Odour and Corrosion in Sewer Networks Feasibilty Study..


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