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Ölmann,U., Hinkelmann,R. & Helmig,R. (2002). Parallel Two-Phase Flow Simulations in Porous Media..

Moltkenthin,F., Hinkelmann,R., Lindenmaier,F. & Zehe,E. (2006). Web-Based Information System for Multi-Scale Physical State Variables..

Huhnt,W., Hinkelmann,R. , MÜLler,B. & Steinbach,J. (2006). Bauingenieurwesen - vom Diplom zum Master..

Truong,T-M., Somogyvari,M. Sauter,M., Hinkelmann,R. & Engelhardt,I. (2020). Development of a neural network to calculate groundwater recharge in karstified aquifers.

Gillefalk,M., Tetzlaff,D., Hinkelmann,R., Kuhlemann,L-M., Smith,A., Meier,F. & Soulsby,C. (2020). Quantifying the effects of urban vegetation on water partitioning in complex cityscapes: the potential of isotope-based ecohydrological models.

Breiting,T., Hinkelmann,R., Manthey,S. & Helmig,R. (2000). Methanausbreitungsvorgänge im Untergrund..

Breiting,T., Sheta,H., Kobayashi,K., Hinkelmann,R. & Helmig,R. (2004). Assessment of Hazardous Gas Emission to the Surface over Former Mined Areas..


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