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Gillefalk, M. and Tetzlaff, D. and Hinkelmann, R. and Kuhlemann, L.-M. and Smith, A. and Meier, F. and Maneta, M. P. and Soulsby, C. (2021). Quantifying the effects of urban green space on water partitioning and ages using an isotope-based ecohydrological model [40]. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 3635–3652.

Link to publication [41]

Vahid Sobhi Gollo and Tabea Broecker and Jörg Lewandowski and Gunnar Nützmann and Reinhard Hinkelmann (2021). An integral approach to simulate three-dimensional flow in and around a ventilated U-shaped chironomid dwelled burrow [42]. Journal of Ecohydraulics. Taylor & Francis, 1-11.

Link to publication [43]

Marx, C., Soulsby, C., Hinkelmann, R., Tetzlaff, D. (2021). Quantifizierung von Fließwegen und Alter von Wasser in urbanen Einzugsgebieten durch stabile Isotope [44].

Soulsby, C. (2021). MOSAIC, Interim Report to Einstein Foundation [45].

Hinkelmann, R. (2021). Integrated Navier-Stockes simulations to improve process understanding in surface water - groundwater interaction space [46].

Hinkelmann, R. (2021). Education and Professional Development in Hydro-Environmental Engeneering [47].

Sabri,D., Tischbein, B. & Hinkelmann, R. (2021). Modelling soil moisture and solute transport under water reuse irrigation and climate change scenarios in the Nile Delta Region [48].

Mohammad Zounemat-Kermani and Okke Batelaan and Marzieh Fadaee and Reinhard Hinkelmann (2021). Ensemble machine learning paradigms in hydrology: A review [49]. Journal of Hydrology, 126266.

Link to publication [50]

Mohie El Din Mohamed Omar and Ahmed Moustafa Ahmed Moussa and Reinhard Hinkelmann (2021). Impacts of climate change on water quantity, water salinity, food security, and socioeconomy in Egypt [51]. Water Science and Engineering

Link to publication [52]

Broecker, Tabea and Sobhi Gollo, Vahid and Fox, Aryeh and Lewandowski, Jörg and Nützmann, Gunnar and Arnon, Shai and Hinkelmann, Reinhard (2021). High-Resolution Integrated Transport Model for Studying Surface Water–Groundwater Interaction [53]. Groundwater

Link to publication [54]


Marx, C.,Soulsby, C., Hinkelmann, R., Tetzlaff, D. (2020). Stable isotope transformations in the critical zone of contrasting green spaces [55].

Gillefalk, M., Tetzlaff, D., Hinkelmann, R., Kuhlemann, L-M., Smith, A., Meier, F., Soulsby, C. (2020). Quantifying the effects of urban vegetation on water partitioning in complex cityscapes: the potential of isotope-based ecohydrological models [56].

Dixit, A., Teuber, K., Stephan, D., Barjenbruch, M., & Hinkelmann, R. (2020). CFD model development and sensitivity analysis for water-air flow in a close conduit sewer pipe. [57]. Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Young Professionals Congress, 72-73.

Link to original publication [58]

Gessessew, U., Tügel, F., Measho, Z., Weldearegay, K. & Hinkelmann, R. (2020). Statistical Analysis of Precipitation Data for Hydrological and Hydraulic Modeling of Flash Floods [59]. Proceedings of the 1st IAHRYoung Professionals Congress, 17-18November 2020, 165-166.

Link to original publication [60]

Abouelsaad O., Abdallah K., Matta E., Porst G., Omar M. & Hinkelmann R. (2020). Numerical simulation of dissolved oxygen in coastal lagoons Case study: El Gouna, Egypt [61]. Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Young Professionals Congress, 104-105.

Link to original publication [62]

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