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Solimini,A., Bazzanti,M., Mastrantuono,L., Pilotto,F., Michels,H., Verdonschot,P., McGoff,E., Sandin,L., Porst,G., Bader,S., Münch,E., Pusch,M., Dunbar,M. & Clarke,R. (2011). The importance of invertebrate spatial and temporal variation for ecological status classification for European lakes . WISER Deliverable D3.3-2 (Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme). Technical Report

Soulsby,C. (2020). MOSAIC.

Stadler,L., Martinez-Noguez,I., Hinkelmann,R. & Germer,K. (2014). Simulating Water Flow into a Soil Matrix with a Cylindrical Macropore.

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Stadler,L., Germer,K., Katerinopoulou,A., Braun,J. & Hinkelmann,R. (2009). Development of Model Concepts for Simulating Two-phase Flow in Macro-Porous Soils on Different Scales.

Stadler, L., Busse, T., Hinkelmann, R. & Helmig, R. (2008). Numerische Simulation von Zweiphasenströmungsprozessen im Untergrund bei Großhangbewegungen..

Stadler,L., Hinkelmann,R. & Helmig,R. (2012). Modeling Macroporous Soils with a Two-Phase Dual-Permeability Model..

Steffen, L., Amann, F., & Hinkelmann, R. (2020). Concepts for performance improvements of shallow water flow simulations. Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Young Professionals Congress, 220-221.

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