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New coupling method for hydrologic and hydrodynamic model

Project head
Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Hinkelmann
Scientific assistant
Yangwei Zhang, M.Sc.
Project period
November 2020 - October 2024
China Scholarship Council Fund



The frequency of urban flooding has inevitably increased due to the growing urbanization and industrialization over the past decades. There have been much unacceptable costs including property damage and even human lives when an urban area is affected by flooding. Based on the statistics released by the Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, most cities in China, such as Beijing and Xi’an, suffered serious urban flooding, especially caused by overflowing sewer systemin in recent years.

With the development of numerical methods and computational technologies, numerical modelling has become an indispensable method to address and manage the urban flood, especially where accurate and key simulation results are needed to have a better management.

The tasks here are mainly divided into several parts

Rainfall-runoff experiment platform

(1) Familiarizing with shallow-water model based simulation of rainfall-runoff in urban areas

Drainage system

(2) Studying flow processes in drainage pipe networks

when the surface is dry

(3) Simulating the hydraulics of the drainage systems with a numerical model

when there is overflow on the surface

(4) Coupling the surface runoff with the drainage systems for predicting of flooding in urban areas

Coupled model

(5) Using experimental data or theoretical results to verify the newly-developed coupled model and selecting test cases in China and Germany for validation

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