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Neuigkeiten / News

Aufgrund der weiterhin bestehenden IT-Einschränkungen werden alle Informationen zum Wintersemester 2021/22 temporär unverschlüsselt auf den ISIS-Kursseiten des Fachgebiets bekanntgegeben.

Digital courses in the summer term 2021 due to Covid-19

Aufgrund der COVID-19-Pandemie finden die folgenden Lehrveranstaltungen im SoSe 2021 (hauptsächlich) digital statt:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we offer the following courses during the summer term 2021 in a (mostly) digital format:


  • Modeling of Hydro- and Environmental Systems (6 ECTS) Flyer: After an live introduction via Zoom on 14 April at 4:30 pm (for approx. 1 hour), the course will be given asynchron with videos. ISIS course
  • Colloquium Hydrosciences (3 ECTS, if taken in 2 semesters: 6 ECTS): This semester, the course is a combination of live and online webinars, live lectures in presence and via Zoom. The students have to submit a 15-pages report and a 15-minutes presentation by the end of the lecture period. The first meeting will take place on 15 April at 16:15 via Zoom, where we introduce the topics for the student reports and presentations. ISIS course

Further information is given on the ISIS site of each course.

If you are interested to participate in one or both of the courses, please subscribe yourself in the corresponding courses on the ISIS-platform.

All lecture materials and further information are provided via the learning platform ISIS. If you have a TU Berlin account, you can use the same login data for isis. If you do not have a TU Berlin account, you should contact the center for campus management.


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