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Colloquium Hydrosciences

Prof. Hinkelmann, Prof. Barjenbruch

The Colloquium Hydrosciences is a joint series of oral presentations and a joint lecture of the Chair of Water Resources Management and Modeling of Hydrosystems and the Chair of Urban Water Management.
All events are taking place in the building TIB13b, staircase 7, room 566.
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Berlin


There will be no colloquium talks during this semester, as the current situation caused by the corona pandemic means that the semester can only take place digitally. Alternatively, we recommend the following webinars (for successful completion of the module, these must be viewed and a proof of participation must be provided; more detailed information for students is available in the course on the isis platform)

Webinar 1: Mall Expertenvortrag (in German)

More frequent heavy rainfall events and longer heat waves also pose new challenges for urban water management. Prof. Dr. Heiko Sieker from the engineering company of the same name will show which decentralised solutions can be implemented to avoid flood situations.

Dezentrale Regenwasserbewirtschaftung Gewässerschutz - Starkregen - Stadtklima


Webinar 2 und 3: IWAMA MOOC Project

The EU project IWAMA aims to improve wastewater management in the Baltic Sea region by increasing the capacity of wastewater treatment companies and by carrying out pilot investments to increase energy efficiency and to advance sludge treatment. In addition, numerous webinars were organised and made publicly available for sustainable training.

Webinar 2: Possibilities of sludge disintegration

Webinar 3: Can these complex models help with operation and online control?


Webinar 4: IWA: Nature based solutions

Investment in Nature Based Solutions (NBS) in the wider river basin is increasingly seen as a way to address urban water challenges such as floods, shortages in supplies or degradation of water quality. NBS can be an effective and economical approach to enhance community safety and quality of life while sustaining ecosystems which we rely on for water resources.

Investing in nature from catchment to tap


Webinar 5: Computational Fluid Dynamics

This webinar demonstrates the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the context of (waste) water treatment. Three parts are foreseen:
Intro: what is CFD and which options are available to answer which type of practical questions? This intro is meant for non-experts, and kept short in order not to lose more experienced participants from the start.

Applications and good modelling practice


Webinar 6: IWA Digital Water Programme

Water utilities and the populations they serve are facing a range of dynamic pressures, as catchment areas are affected by global climate change and local land use changes, with consequences on water sources upstream. How can we use satellite information to manage upstream processes that could affect the quality of drinking water sources?

Using satellite data for water management

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