IAHR-Newsletter Issue 3 2001

Report on the 8th Meeting of the IAHR-EGW)

Karlsruhe, Germany, March 2001

The meeting was held on March 23/24 at Karlsruhe University, Germany, organized by Prof. Jirka and Prof. Nestmann, and headed by Prof. Kobus. During the meeting an excursion to the Iffezheim Power Station close to the French border was carried out. The participants had the oportunity to visit the water power station, the sediment management as well as Europe's largest and very impressive fish pass. The meeting participants would like to express the heartfelt thanks to the local hosts, Prof. Jirka and Prof. Nestmann, for the excellent preparation and organization of the meeting. This contribution gives a short summary of the meeting and the ongoing activities in IAHR-EGW. In 2000 four EGW courses and one summerschool took place. For 2001 and 2002 several courses and summerschools are announced. To join forces for future courses, a list will be set up on the EGW homepage with courses in preparation. This list will contain offers as well as requests for lectures. Course announcements for 2002 should be made by September 15th to the EWG secretariat the latest to be published in the last IAHR newsletter in 2001.

In order to give the possiblity to broaden the international component in engineering education, it was decided to set up a water advisor list for Master's and PhD thesis on the EGW homepage (http://www.iws.uni-stuttgart.de/IAHR/thesislist.html).

Several EGW partners already joined a multilaterial agreement on student exchange within the Erasmus/Socrates program last year. Further partners plan to participate this year and to get financial support from the EC, especially for Master's thesis.

Prof. van der Beken gave an overview on the actual EGW related activities inside the EC such as ETNET 21. EGW will remain in contact to such EC activities and inform all EGW partners for future common activities and cooperations.

EGW encourages all members to use new media in further education, however it cannot support such activities. At the moment, giving lectures over Internet or video conferencing is technically possibly and already carried out in some courses and summerschools. It is also possible to distribute homework/exercises, to supervise people and to make virtual post-course meetings with these facilities. However, it is still an open question in education as well as further education how examinations should be carried out over Internet. Several activities concerning new media in education are on the way or just starting, e.g. in Cottbus (http://hydroweb.bauinf.tu-cottbus.de) or Stuttgart. Further information can be obtained from the EGW secretaries.

EGW is an European network organisation under the umbrella IAHR. To improve the integration between the different partners of EGW and to involve directly all EGW partners it was agreed to operate more on an internet based platform steered by the EGW secretariat and the EGW homepage at Stuttgart, Germany. Additionally, an annual meeting open for all EGW members will be carried out to serve as a further platform for fruitful discussions and further developments. For future activities it was decided to strengthen the EGW office. Dr. Hinkelmann from the Institut für Wasserbau, Universität Stuttgart, will serve as an additional secretary in a close cooperation with Dr. Molkenthin (Institut für Bauinformatik, BTU Cottbus, Germany). Together, they will assist Prof. Kobus (Institut für Wasserbau, Universität Stuttgart, Germany) in steering the EGW. New members are always welcome. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. reinhard.hinkelmann@wahyd.tu-berlin.de

EGW Issue 03 2001
Participants of the 8th EGW meeting visiting the Iffezheim Power Station